Earthquakes can strike suddenly, violently, and without warning. Identifying potential hazards ahead of time and advance planning can reduce the dangers of serious injury or loss of life from an earthquake.


Be aware that some earthquakes are actually foreshocks and a larger earthquake might occur. Minimize your movements to a few steps to a nearby safe place and if you are indoors, stay there until the shaking has stopped and you are sure exiting is safe.


The correct thing to do during an earthquake is: DROP, COVER and HOLD ON.


Ventura County has several faults capable of producing a magnitude 6 or 7 earthquake. A local earthquake hazard map is available on the Ventura County Sheriff’s Office of Emergency Services website at


How can I protect myself?

What to do before an earthquake

What to do during an earthquake

What to do after an earthquake



The Great California ShakeOut

Protect Yourself During An Earthquake… Drop, Cover, and Hold On

USGS Earthquake Hazard Program

Southern California Earthquake Center

California Earthquake Authority

Putting Down Roots in Earthquake County

Ventura County Earthquake Hazard Map

Ventura County Liquifaction Hazard Map

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