Wildfires are now a year-round reality in Ventura County. This means that both firefighters and residents have to be on heightened alert for the threat of wildfire at all times. Firefighters train hard and make countless preparations to be ready for a wildfire. Residents need to do the same.


Successfully preparing for a wildfire requires you to take personal responsibility for protecting yourself, your family and your property. The Ventura County Fire Department takes every precaution to help protect you and your property from a wildfire. But the reality is, during a major wildfire, there will simply not be enough fire engines or firefighters to defend every home, so you must become part of the solution.

If your home borders a natural area, what firefighters call the Wildland Urban Interface, you are at risk from a wildfire. And, if you live within one mile of a natural area, you live in the Ember Zone. Homes in the Ember Zone are at risk from wind-driven embers from a wildfire.

You must do all you can to make your home resistant to wildfires and prepare your family to leave early and safely. We call this process, “Ready, Set, Go!”

How can I protect myself?

What to do before a wildfire

What to do during a wildfire

What to do after a wildfire




Ready, Set, Go!

Ready, Set, Go! for Trail Users

Ready, Set, Go! for Farmers, Ranchers and Growers

Wildfire Action Plan

Residential Safety Checklist

Equipment Use Safety

County of Ventura Fireline Homepage

Ventura County Fire Department

City of Fillmore Fire Department

City of Oxnard Fire Department

City of Santa Paula Fire Department

City of Ventura Fire Department

Ventura County Wildfire Hazard Map

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